Wholesale Tea supplier

To find an authentic wholesale tea supplier is a difficult decision. The wholesale tea distributor should be ready to provide the quality tea leaves to the retailers at wholesale price. Sonali Tea is that the largest wholesale tea supplier and manufacturer in India. We get the best quality tea leaves handpicked by experts straight to your kitchen. As Bulk wholesale tea distributors, we offer a good range of tea leaves like Black, Green, White, Oolong, CTC, Herbal, Iced, and Wellness blends under one roof. We offer options to get loose leaf tea for wholesale or Bulk wholesale tea bags with an assurance of quality and freshness. You may never regret if you are deciding on trading with us.

Being owners of large tea estates in Assam, we are Tea wholesalers who add value to the efforts of tea suppliers by reselling tea and adding value added products and services. Our Wholesale customers include hotels, restaurants, retail/grocery outlets, and coffee bars/cafes. Being wholesale supplier of tea we provide the highest quality, best tasting tea in the market and a long chain of loyal customers.

As Wholesale tea suppliers, we offer dedicated customer support to help with orders, track shipments, provide billing support etc. Our best in class customer service helps us to create long term benefit to both suppliers and wholesalers.

As an integral part of a long term relationship we offer products at wholesale pricing. Aggressive pricing provides the wholesaler greater profits through larger volume based discounts.

With a large and dedicated team of dedicated workers, we are able to supply our products at a large number of shipping locations. We also ensure single point of billing for multiple locations. We are providing only quality products that are fairly priced with a substantial discount to encourage a long term relationship with our clients. We know that after-sale customer service is also critical. We are always ready to cooperate with our clients to satisfy a demanding fine dining market.

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